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Afrika Bambaataa:”Hip-hop Has Been Hijacked By A Luciferian Conspiracy”

Note: Most of this is from AllHipHop so be sure to use your bullsh*t comb when reading this one... Afrika Bambaataa, one of Hip-Hop's founding fathers, believes that the genre of Hip-Hop music has been hijacked by a Luciferian conspiracy to poison the minds of its listeners. Afrika Bambaataa... Read more...

@ItsTheReal and @JensenClan88 Present: Hype Men Podcast (Episodes 5 & 6)

EPISODE 5: actor and comedian Martin Starr joins the Hype Men to discuss 2Pac vs. Nick Cannon + surprises at Jay-Z’s second Yankee Stadium show + hugging El-P + Willow Smith’s career + Scientology + Martin’s new rap song + Mystikal + Megan Mullally + more! [Download.] EPISODE 6: ac... Read more...