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Job Interview Do’s and Don’ts

Job Interview Do’s and Don’ts
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A job interview is the deciding factor in whether or not you land a job. This means that the resume and cover letter were sufficient in proving your written qualifications, however, there is still the challenge of meeting face-to-face. A job interview provides the interviewee with a chance to present his or herself in the best light possible, while also allowing the employer to analyze and assess the individual. The manner in which the interviewee presents his or herself will provide the employer with an adequate evaluation of the individual as a whole. Provided that the interviewee follows these simple interview preparations, they will successfully pass the greatest job search challenge: the job interview.

Before the day of the interview, it is best to take the necessary steps to ensure success. Prior to the day of the interview, plan your outfit accordingly. A modest and conservative ensemble is the safest option. Women should avoid wearing high heels, low-cut blouses, or heavy makeup. In addition, men should groom all facial hair, and refrain from wearing loose fitting clothing. The next step is to determine the exact meeting location of the interview, and the amount of time that it will take to reach your destination. There is nothing worse than getting lost on the day of the interview and arriving at the last minute. Career Services suggest arriving for your interview at a minimum of ten minutes early. This provides you with the opportunity to settle yourself and mentally prepare for the interview.

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It is always wise to anticipate the questions that you will be asked, and have a general idea of your intended answers, beforehand. While you don’t want to memorize all that you are going to say throughout the interview, you should practice talking about yourself ahead of time. Research your prospective employer and find something that is of interest to you. Be prepared to talk about yourself, as well as your prospective employer.

Upon arrival, make sure to greet each and every person that you come in contact with. From the secretary to the actual interviewer, every greeting matters. It is very likely that the various individuals in the office will converse with one another after you leave, and share their thoughts about you. Thus, it is advantageous to maintain good eye contact, utilize a firm handshake, and avoid using slang when interacting with each and every person in the office. Furthermore, be sure to use the proper title, as well as the last name of each person, unless you are told to do otherwise.

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Although most people are aware of the potential interview gaffes, there are a few little known indiscretions that will immediately displease your prospective employer. While confidence is key, it is possible to be overly aggressive. You must find a balance between being extremely confident and being respectful. An integral part in showing respect is waiting until you are offered a chair to take your seat. It is never a good idea to smoke at any time before or during the interview, even if you are offered. The smell of smoke is not appealing when trying to make a good first impression. Although seemingly obvious, chewing gum during an interview is also unfavorable. Due to the sensitive nature of the current social and political climate, telling jokes during an interview is also widely frowned upon. You never know how your jokes will be received, so it is best not to make them at all.

Your job interview will ultimately run smoothly if you engage in or refrain from all of these simple behaviors. While the majority of these tips are considered to be common sense, many of these are often overlooked and undervalued. In mastering all of these methods of job interviewing, it will be nearly impossible not to succeed.

Written By: Janae Grier

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