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Janae Grier is a journalist, model, and media professional in the Philadelphia Area. For more about me go to: or Follow me on Instagram: @JanaeGrier @janaegrizzy
Job Interview Do’s and Don’ts
0 comments, 23/05/2018, by in Exclusive

A job interview is the deciding factor in whether or not you land a job. This means that the resume and cover letter were sufficient in proving your written qualifications, however, there is still the challenge of meeting face-to-face. A job interview provides the interviewee with a chance to presen... Read more...

Sexual Assault: Explicitly Inexplicit

Picture this. You eagerly stand in a dimly lit studio in front of a gray backdrop. You feel excitement because you finally have the chance to be back in front of the camera and pursue a unique hobby. You have finally become more confident in your appearance. This is the next step in furthering your... Read more...

One Ignored Homeless Man In Philly

One homeless man in Philadelphia has nothing but a few pennies, a newspaper, and an Eagles hat to help get him through the cold winter season in downtown Philadelphia.   On a calm Sunday afternoon, South Broad Street in Philadelphia is bustling with its rich fine arts venues and fancy restaurants... Read more...

Why Black Women Struggle With Vulnerability

Black women are never happy. Black women never cry. Black women never show their weaknesses. We work tirelessly to provide for not only ourselves, but also others. We are the epitome of strength, and the backbone of our communities. Still, we are underestimated and oftentimes, ridiculed. There ... Read more...

The Gladiators Are Dwindling.
0 comments, 15/04/2015, by in TV

I have to admit that I’ve been disappointed in Scandal these days. Of course I will always love Scandal, simply because I’m a crazy, die-hard fan, that may or may not be obsessed with the phenomenal actors and actresses on the show. Nevertheless, things are getting to the point of ridiculous... Read more...