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#LessonsFromMyFormerSelf – Chapter 1: The Introduction (By Andrea Walker)

#LessonsFromMyFormerSelf – Chapter 1: The Introduction (By Andrea Walker)


#LessonsFromMyFormerSelf – Introduction

A brief introduction about the voice of #LessonsFromMyFormerSelf, Author of A Beautiful Struggle and founder of iROC. Andrea gives a few disclaimers, how and why #LessonsFromMyFormerSelf will give a voice to those who sre struggling to find theirs or struggling to find someone to listen. Andrea dives right in to her tragedy to triumph story of growing up with a mother that is HIV positive and how to battled with other significant and painful teenage issues.
A Beautiful Struggle – A Novel By Andrea Walker, available everywhere books are sold June 28th!
Twitter – @IAmAndreaWalker
Instagram – @abeautifulstruggle_
Facebook – iROC
Voice – Andrea Walker
Piano – Margel The Sophant (Soundcloud) (Bandcamp)



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