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[EVENT] Philly Style @iStandard Producer Showcase – March 6th & 7th 2013 @FluidPhilly

The nationally renowned iStandard Producer Showcase returns to The City of Brotherly Love on Wednesday, March 6th and Thursday, March 7th at Fluid Night Club - Powered by Monster Energy. DOORS OPEN @ 8:30pm SHOW STARTS @ 9:30pm Over the course of 2 evenings, 20 of Philly’s finest producers w... Read more...

Guatemalans To Sue US Government For Secretly Infecting Them With Syphilis

Last fall, it became widely public that the US government deliberately infected roughly 700 Guatemalans with syphilis in a 1940s experiment on the effectiveness of penicillin (…). Now, those involved in the experiment and their families are planning to sue the ... Read more...