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Is Blog Love Overvalued?

Is Blog Love Overvalued?

By Rizoh

It’s funny watching new artists stumble over themselves trying to score coverage on popular blogs. Take the fast rising L.A. crew Odd Future, for example. Group captain Tyler, The Creator is almost as famous for his musical ingenuity as he is for his feud with revered rap blogs Nah Right and 2 Dope Boyz. After unleashing a slew of disses on the sites for ignoring his music, Tyler finally found a way to appear on the sites. He bought an ad for his Goblin LP. But when fans click on the ad, it brings up a teaser site which reads: “Fuck 2 Dope Boyz & Nah Right.”

On the surface, it was a clever move, and Tyler is obviously having fun with the beef at this point. But it also betrayed his innermost desire to gain the cosign of those blogs, which is interesting, given that he’s made it this far without their backing.

There are three main rationales behind the fervent pursuit of accolades from blogs: (1) visibility; (2) the appearance of legitimacy; (3) leverage. Question is, what’s the actual worth of blog love? In the big picture, it is a currency with depressingly low conversion rates.

Part of the problem is that music bloggers are known to



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