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#RandomRequests: Drake Vs Common Pt .1: The Story\Music Thus Far

  hahahahahahaha I just wrote Drake Vs Common and I wasnt being a sarastic jerk...this time haaahahahahaha and I cant stop laughing at this "battle" So it starts with this... Common - Sweet which led to 40 doing this... and then made Drake for some reason do this... and this... O... Read more...

BANNED!!: Byron Crawford’s XXL Article On Odd Future (Uncensored)

Note: If you're unfamiliar with Odd Future (and you wouldnt necessarily be in the minority) then below is a video of them performing their breakout single "Sandwiches" on Jimmy Fallon and a twitter rant from the group's "leader" Tyler, The Creator. Enjoy... What if a group came along that was... Read more...