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Chill Moody (@ChillMoody) – Like Whaaat Freestyle

Chill Moody (@ChillMoody) – Like Whaaat Freestyle

Chill Moody

I like this freestyle (not too big on the song) but Philadelphia rap hating sensation I.M. Eatin wasn’t too fond of it or Chill… his comments below.

“So last month this n*gga Chill Moody goes to L.A. and doesn’t tell anybody. He didn’t take one rapper from Philly with him. Thats hatin. How you gonna leave the city? Leaving Philly is corny. Then how you gonna leave and not take n*ggas with you? Thats corny. Not the MC Hammer way my n*gga. But anyway, so this other n*gga Problem has a song that they play on the radio out in L.A. First of all, radio play is corny and I get too much money in the streets for that, 2nd I don’t like anybody that’s not from Philly. Now, the n*gga Chill Moody rapped on the n*gga Problem’s song and… its aight but he dont sell enough drugs for me to really give it a listen past 45 seconds so yall let me know what the rest of this sounds like. By the way #PSP”


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