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SNL: Season 38, Episode 15 – Hosted By Kevin Hart [FULL VIDEO]

SNL: Season 38, Episode 15 – Hosted By Kevin Hart [FULL VIDEO]

Kevin Hart

When it was announced two weeks ago that comedian Kevin Hart would host SNL, an odd debate sprung up online over whether Hart was “qualified”  (i.e., “famous enough”) for the gig. Hart has certainly had a huge year, with his film Think Like A Man and comedy album Laugh At My Pain both raking in millions, and his SNL episode received higher ratings than Oscar-winner Christoph Waltz’s two weeks ago. Regardless, it’s not for us to decide whether or not someone is famous enough to host — only whether or not his talents make him a good fit for the show. Yes, Hart did occasionally stumble over lines and plow through most sketches with a high-octane, mile-a-minute delivery. But considering he never lost his cool (even during some flatlining bits) and gave every sketch his all, he still came across as a likable, gracious, and often funny host. Hart gave the performance of a comedian who knew he had a lot to prove, and, for better or worse, he left it all out on stage. Of course, he couldn’t save a hit-or-miss lineup of promising yet unsatisfying sketches, and the obligatory-black-host racial humor bugged me a little, but there was enough to like in this episode to give Kevin Hart the credit he deserves.


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