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Afrika Bambaataa:”Hip-hop Has Been Hijacked By A Luciferian Conspiracy”

Afrika Bambaataa:”Hip-hop Has Been Hijacked By A Luciferian Conspiracy”

Note: Most of this is from AllHipHop so be sure to use your bullsh*t comb when reading this one…

Afrika Bambaataa, one of Hip-Hop’s founding fathers, believes that the genre of Hip-Hop music has been hijacked by a Luciferian conspiracy to poison the minds of its listeners.

Afrika Bambaataa stated his opinion on the state of Hip-Hop music during a recent interview with the Chicago Sun-Times, which will undoubtedly fuel conspiracy theorists’ recent claims that Hip-Hop is filled with Satanic imagery and devil worshippers.

“Hip-hop has been hijacked by a Luciferian conspiracy,” Afrika Bambaataa told the Chicago Sun-Times. “People have used hip-hop in a lot of ways that cause a lot of mind problems. They use the word wrongfully. They use it to mean a part instead of a whole. Like many of these [radio] stations say they’re hip-hop, they’re playing hip-hop. I go to these stations, and these so-called program directors don’t know jack crap about hip-hop culture. They know rap to a certain extent. But I question them. I say, ‘Where’s your go-go, your hip-house, your electro-funk, your raga, your R&B and soul?’ They get real quiet.”

The raging debate over Satanic images in Hip-Hop album covers and videos spilled over into the pop mainstream in November, when rapper MC Hammer responded to Jay-Z, who name checked Hammer on the track “Better Run Run.”

MC Hammer, who is an ordained Minister, responded by accusing Jay-Z of worshipping the devil on the Kanye West track “So Appalled,” which also featured Pusha T, RZA, Swizz Beatz and Cyhi the Prynce.

He labeled the rapper “Hell Boy” and featured a Jay-Z look-a-like being Baptized in a river at the end of the video.

Kanye West was also accused of being a member of The Illuminati and worshipping the devil, shortly after the premiere of his short-film, Runaway.

“I’ve got question about “the illuminati” … what is it exactly ??? … and why do people think pop stars have a membership???!!! LOL,” Kanye tweeted in October of 2010. “Is illuminati and devil worshipping like the same thing … do they have a social network that celebs can sign up for?”

Jay-Z has repeatedly denied claims he worshipped the devil, after fans raised eyebrows at a line on his hit single “Empire State of Mind” featuring Alicia Keys.

“I believe in God, I believe in one God,” Jay-Z told Hot 97’s Angie Martinez of his religious beliefs in January of 2010. “I don’t believe in religion. I think that separates people.”

And he expounded further in an interview with Ed Lover, who was with Power 105.1 at the time.

“I got a lot of money,” he told former Power 105.1 radio host Ed Lover as well, pointing out that Hollywood actors Will Smith and Tom Cruise have been spiritually scrutinized due to their immense wealth as well.

“When people get a lot of money, they start getting those rumors, like Tom Cruise, Willie Smith. That’s ridiculous.”

N.W.A. group member Eazy E famously admitted to worshiping the devil towards the end of his career as a gimmick and admitted to reading the Satanic bible.

Eazy makes the admission on Above The Law’s classic track, “The Last Song.”


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