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Lyrexamination: “Illuminati” Deconstructed by Wise Intelligent

   While I'm aware of the many informative literary works being published by some great men and giants in our community on the subject of Hip Hop and the Illuminati – this song, its lyrics, nor this blog are intended to prove or disprove any of what has been written, published and or lectur... Read more...

Afrika Bambaataa:”Hip-hop Has Been Hijacked By A Luciferian Conspiracy”

Note: Most of this is from AllHipHop so be sure to use your bullsh*t comb when reading this one... Afrika Bambaataa, one of Hip-Hop's founding fathers, believes that the genre of Hip-Hop music has been hijacked by a Luciferian conspiracy to poison the minds of its listeners. Afrika Bambaataa... Read more...

Is Warren Buffet Scared Of Jay-Z?…Or Is Jay-Z Scared Of Warren Buffet? (UPDATED)

  Wow Words... A picture is worth a thousand of them Guess Jay-z finally made that billion he's been talking about...  Jay-Z - Grammy Family Freestyle (October 30th 2006 @Hot 97w/Funkmaster Flex)   Warren Buffet is thinking: "Who let this nigger get a billion dollars? First the mexican,... Read more...