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Dropping Knowledge On The Illuminati By Bol

Dropping Knowledge On The Illuminati By Bol


I’m quoted, along with fellow “hip-hop intellectuals” Talib Kweli and Columbia University professor Marc Lamont Hill, in an article in Philadelphia Weekly on whether or not Jay-Z is a member of the Illuminati.

It’s the cover story of this week’s issue. You might want to pick up a copy, for posterity, if you’re unfortunate enough to be in Philadelphia.

The part with me in it:

“This Illuminati stuff has been popular for a long time,” says Byron Crawford, “your favorite rapper’s least-favorite blogger,” over the phone from his home in St. Louis. “The more hip-hop fans go online, they’re exposed to things like Alex Jones theories about the Illuminati—it’s the two worlds intermingling.”

Crawford posts Alex Jones videos often on his blog, and writes fairly frequently about hip-hop and Jay-Z’s connection to the Illuminati. “And [‘On to the Next One’], it’s just fascinating to look at, it makes for an interesting story,” Crawford says. “At a time when hip-hop isn’t always that interesting, it adds some interesting subtext.”

I dropped a lot more jewels during our interview, they just didn’t end up making it into the final piece, I guess because they didn’t support the writer’s thesis that Jay-Z isn’t really a member of the Illuminati, people just think that, because they don’t want to believe that a black man can become that successful without engaging in sex rituals with elderly white shapeshifters.

It just goes to show how information is manipulated by the liberal Jew-run media.




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