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Hello, I'm happy to be here. Thanks for your support. I have to admit I can be a little flighty at times and my post a bit inconsistent, but all of the content is well worth the read. So enjoy Spit, Jess and I as a whole under the name that KILLS NewsFeeds across the country. Hate it or Love it the UNDERdogs on top =)
Drunken Sex (By: @NarcissisticMoi)
0 comments, 02/04/2013, by in Exclusive

Let me begin this by posing a few questions. What gets you out to an event these days? Is it the promise of a good time, entertainment, fun crowds, or is it the drink specials? From recent experience I have found it to be the drink specials for most. Clubs and bars are making bank off of legal bin... Read more...

Do Red-Light Cameras Actually Make Us Safer?
0 comments, 11/10/2012, by in News

In Washington, D.C., red-light cameras and speed cameras brought in $65 million, helping the city to an estimated $140 million budget surplus for the 2012 fiscal year. But the goal for these money making cameras is to keep people safe by fining drivers whenever they break the law. Safety cameras a... Read more...

The Power of the  Positive Phone Call Home
0 comments, 06/09/2012, by in

By: Elena Aguilar When I first started teaching and was overwhelmed by the demands and complexity of the job, my survival strategy was simply to take all the advice that came my way and implement it. So when my wise mentor suggested that after the first day of school I call all of my second grader... Read more...