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Apple iOS 6 Screenshots Featuring NEW “Do Not Disturb” Option

Apple iOS 6 Screenshots Featuring NEW “Do Not Disturb” Option
0 comments, 02/07/2012, by , in News, Technology

Apple released a beta version of iOS6, its new operating system for iPhones and iPads, to developers today.

And we got to test it out!

iOS 6 won’t be available to the public until later this fall, so this is will be your only preview until then.

The wait between iOS 6’s unveiling and its planned fall release just got a little bit shorter, as Apple has just pushed out beta 2. If you’re in the developer crowd that can try it out, don’t expect any revelations: the primarily focus is on the bug fixes that nudge the software closer to a final release. As in past years, multiple additional betas are expected between now and the time the iOS 6 is ready to come to the general public, so there’s likely still lots of room left for Apple to polish the release to a shine. Those paid up on their developer accounts can grab the update through the usual means and see just how much luster has been added since WWDC


Turn by turn directions


Unfortunately, it still doesn’t have these…

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