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When Will Moderate Whites Condemn Dangerous White Culture? [Video]

When Will Moderate Whites Condemn Dangerous White Culture? [Video]
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Huntington Beach Riot


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Those shocking images are from huntington beach, california, where at the conclusion of the u.s. open surfing on sunday, a white mob began rioting. the angry crowd vandalized property, broke the windows of businesses, looted some stores and brawled with each other on the streets of downtown huntington beach. police used rubber bullets on the unruly mob and arrested at least seven people including a firefighter from anaheim. you probably haven’t heard much about the white riot in huntington beach. that’s because the story of white criminal culture is not a story the mainstream media will tell you. once you scratch the surface, these stories are everywhere you look. billionaire hedge fund manager, steve cohen for instance. how many times this week have you heard about the federal charges he’s been slapped with for tradie ining violations? jpmorgan chase, a company run almost entirely by white men. that financial giant quietly paid $410 million in a settlele after being accused of manipulating the power markets. the sad truth is that the white power structure in this country has no clue, no clue how to solve the problems within the white community. look, i don’t want people to be suspicious of white men, but the huntington beach riot underlines a stark truth about white culture. the fact is 84% of white murder victims are killed by other white people. we really do have a question whether white leadership, where they are on this issue. conversation is sorely lacking an appeal for the moderate white community. after all, no one forces white people to throw haymakers after their surfing competitions. when white youth are raised with so much privilege and so few boundaries, these young while white men reject concepts of self-control and not being a jerk. some people may feel like i’m ster stereotyping. i don’t care. i’m dealing with reality. the white community needs to ask itself, how are we going to deal with this problem? finally, there is one brave writer in the mainstream writer raising that question. gt gawker” columnist, court jefferson. “whites in america have been out from under their european ancestor’s boot heels for centuries. california specifically outlawed preferences for nonwhites in state hiring and education nearly two decades ago. so being oppressed is no longer an excuse for behavior like this. how long must we wait for the white community to get its act together?” joining me now, court jefferson, author of a column “a dangerous and irresponsible culture.” court, you’re not going to hear this kind of thing in the main mainstream media. what inspired you to rip off this taboo and talk about the problems with white culture?

>> you know,time a fern of color, chris, but first and foremost, i consider myself an american citizen and resident of southern california. seeing what the mob did in huntington beach on sunday night, i just felt there was no way i could sit on the sidelines anymore in good conscience and watch so many white youths debase themselves the way that they are. and so i think that sometimes people have to stick their necks out. i don’t want to use the word martyr, but i guess i’m kind of a martyr on this front.

>> you know, there are people that are going to tell you that it’s just a few bad apples. if you look at the video, you can’t say this whole group, you know, this has nothing to do with white people, it’s just a few bad apples. what do you say to that?

>> to that i say if that’s your actual belief, you’re living with your head in the sand. i used it live in new york city and would occasionally go to hoboken, new jersey’s, st. patrick’s day parade. there were so many young white men there vomiting in the street streets, urinating in the streets.

>> it’s a sight i’ve seen. i’ve seen it myself. there are college dorms you can go to. every other room there’s a bong, there are people talking about how much they enjoy drugs. a drug culture that people — and white elders don’t say anything about it. they kind of wink and they nod.

>> you’re looking at a — they’re learning — the thing is that these young people are learning this kind of behavior in lacrosse camps, learning this kind of behave at college spring break. they’re learning this kind of behavior at ivy league fraternities where drug use and binge drinking are normalized behaviors. these kinds of places are kind of the hives of moral debasement that are leading to, i think, the — with what we’re seeing which is this white crime skornlg.

>> here’s my question to you. people are going to say this is someone who has a personal problem with white people. do you have a personal problem with white people? is this animus?

>> no, i think any time that you tell the truth, there’s going to be those people who come out and think you’re doing it for some insidious reason and say that you’re a racist. i kind of knew that some white people were going to say that this is just — i’m sorry, i knew that some white people were going to call this playing the race card. but it isn’t playing the race card. my best friend is white. my mother is actually white. my prom date in high school was a white woman. she was very white, actually. she used to ride horses and do that whole thing. obviously very deep — i have very deep roots in the white community that this isn’t hatred for whites. this is just tough love. i felt it was time that somebody told the truth to these people. it’s a hard conversation, but it’s one we need to have.

>> i’m glad we’re having it. my question to you, cord, what is it going to take to get the white power structure, prominent rights, hillary clinton, joe biden to speak out on this type of thing? to start talking about the st. patty’s day parade, the drug culture on campus. take the first step and condemn the huntington beach riots?

>> you know, i wish that i knew. i wish that i knew. when i look toward the white leadership, when i look toward the justin biebers of the world and rush limbaughs of the world andhannitys of the world, i hear them talk about the problems in the black community. i have yet to see them take a serious, long look at the problems in the white community and look at these kind of violent offenses that are going on within white neighborhoods and college campuses all the time. that’s been difficult to watch, and so to them i would just say, a physician, heal thyself first. i’m glad people like you are stepping up in the white community and looking at this problem for what it is which is a serious, serious issue.

>> we appreciate that. cord jefferson, west coast editor for thank you.

>> thank you.

>>> if you watched that segment and thought that’s an absolutely ridiculous premise and an absolutely terrible way to talk about millions of people who share nothing, nothing, except their general broad pigmentation? you are correct. and remember that the next time you hear those same arguments, but with a different word in place of the word white. that’s the memo.

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