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F*ck Kelis Part 2: Judge Orders To Pay Kelis $51K/Month

F*ck Kelis Part 2: Judge Orders To Pay Kelis $51K/Month

I dont even know what else I can add to what I’ve already said but this is reeeeeally low Kelis. I mean really low. I haven’t seen anything this blatantly f*cked up since Barack sent more troops to Aghanistan…wait…. that just happened…smh… you know, I cant even remember when I did.


This is like having a guy down then just cause his eye is still twitching just a little bit taking the knife out and sticking it in one more time for pleasure…..sickness.smh

This is like a black snuff film (no racism)

The only way you could be more selfish is if you hit the “Take the kids while I get myself together” line & STILL collect child support.

You were married to Nas a long time… where you think he’s gonna get $51,ooo a month? He’s gonna have to put another oozy in his army jacket linen & go back to queensbridge…

Part 1 here: F*ck Kelis (Because Nas Can’t Say It)



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