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Nation Exposes Bow Wow + Jae Millz -The Flood Warning (Mixtape)

Nation Exposes Bow Wow + Jae Millz -The Flood Warning (Mixtape)


Nation goes in…

Jae Millz just dropped a mixtape with DJ Ill Will and DJ Rockstar the very same way Bow Wow did yesterday via a random hip hop site. If you didn’t know Bow Wow had dropped a mixtape, that’s fine, I didn’t have a fucking clue either. But it was brought to my attention that Bow Wow was claiming to have gotten 1.1 million downloads of his mixtape in a ridiculously short time frame. Take it from someone who has to watch download numbers rise, or stagnate, that he is lying, and that this kind of fuckery has got to stop. It’s dishonest and who are you lying to besides your fans.

Bow Wow may have 200K followers on Twitter, but unless he’s someone who has an outlet like Soulja Boy does, he still needs websites to post his mixtape, and there is no website that posted it who can cover the 900K downloads that came from thin air (and plus that’s if ALL of his followers downloaded it too.) Even if there were, an artist of Bow Wow’s caliber wouldn’t be getting all that many clicks. One of two things happened here: either the website that’s hosting these two mixtapes told the rappers to send all Twitter traffic their way and that they’ll handle the download numbers, or somebody got paid to sit in front of their computer and botch the download numbers. The 50 Cent sponsored RapInsiderTV (watch part 2 here) basically broke down how crooked websites (like WSFF) get all those bogus views on their videos/anything with a counter.

Another way I know they’re lying is that the Jae Millz mixtape got 200K downloads. Even if he does have 50K followers on Twitter, it’s impossible that every single one of them even knows who he is or what was going on with the release of the mixtape. The Young Money website isn’t even up yet and Lil Wayne deleted his Twitter account, who could possibly be forcing someone to listen to a Jae Millz mixtape? People aren’t rushing to download mixtapes, especially from talentless rappers, but that’s why they have to resort to these kind of tricks.

Also, you expect people to believe you did 1.1 million downloads in a day, but if we were to look at the download number today… it’s still at 1.1 and some change. Someone dropped the ball there.

“Woooooooooow”-©Flavor Flav

1. Harajuku Forecast (0:43)
2. The Rain (Snippet) (2:07)
3. Popular Demand feat T Streets (2:14)
4. I Wanna Rock (2:54)
5. Skit (0:30)
6. The Paper (1:32)
7. Micki Minaj Speaks (0:46)
8. Run 4 Mayor feat Tyga & Gudda Gudda (3:36)
9. Uptown (Snippet) (1:27)
10. Millzy Speaks (Interlude) (0:57)
11. Young, Black & Gifted (2:05)
12. I Get It In (2:02)
13. My Life (3:07)

Download: Jae Millz – The Flood Warning (Mixtape) [Limelinx]

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