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Bouncers Fired Over Brawl @ 40/40 Club

Bouncers Fired Over Brawl @ 40/40 Club

Jay-Z’s 40/40 Club in Atlantic City has fired several members of the club’s security team — after videotape surfaced showing several bouncers ferociously beating two men in the club’s parking lot last month.

TMZ spoke with Couri Glen, the former supervisor of security at the club, who told us, “We were initially all suspended and then fired for misconduct.”Glen claims he and his team feel they were wrongly terminated because they were “just doing our jobs.” Glen claims he initially approached the men because of complaints they were groping women. Glen says he tried to escort the men out of the club … and that’s when they began “swinging” at security members. The patrons have stated that they did nothing to provoke the attack. The firing came as a complete shock to another member of the security team, who told us, “I lost 2 jobs because I was wearing another company’s shirt because 40/40 said they didn’t have my size shirt to wear … so they told me just to wear that one. The other company saw the video and fired me 3 days later.”



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