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MOTIVATION 1: What Motivates YOU? By: @King_Spit

MOTIVATION 1: What Motivates YOU? By: @King_Spit
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Waking up at 5 am has become the norm for me lately as opposed to a distant option. This has nothing to do with the early bird gets the worm, or any other cliche saying that inspires millions to do nothing but repeat the phrase. My motivation doesn’t come from empty phrases or energy drinks, watching what motivates others or anything remotely tangible, not even money. I don’t wake up to say I was up at 5 am, to be the first to write “good morning” on some social network or even to eat the most important meal of the day before most people abuse their alarm clock for its first ring. I’m not motivated because I graduated from Bartram Motivation HS, even though I found new definition in the word within those 3 1/2 years, or because people tell me that I should be. You cannot let outside factors control your destiny. My motivation is solely the future of my children.

“…Money is the motivator…”

Now, before you judge me and call that cliche, let me explain. I had a part in the creation of two of the most amazing human beings to ever grace this planet. I don’t say this just because they are my children, I say that because of what I have planned for them. That’s my motivation right there. I have the task of molding these two amazing human beings into the greatest people to ever grace the planet. Setting irrational goals is how you motivate someone to do amazing unimaginable things. Telling me you’re going to pay me for my work isn’t motivation, that’s a job. I watch a lot of Eric Thomas speeches and while it may inspire me, he does not motivate me. I motivate me. My children motivate me.

“…If you dont pay people enough they wont be motivated…”

The reason why the idea that money motivates people to achieve goals, which is exhibited in the video above, doesn’t work is multifaceted. One of the reasons it doesn’t work is because when you see the end goal as a rudimentary stagnant achievement, you don’t feel as obligated to chase it. The goal is going to be there when you get to it, so why rush? When your goal is to ensure a lucrative future for a child, the goal is ever changing. Everything that I do if not related directly is indirectly related to a goal I have set for my self.  How can I guarantee that my children do not struggle with the same roadblocks I had to knock down to get where I am today? The world is changing which makes my goals change and I’m not even finished working on me yet, but the biggest part of me, is them.







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