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Weakness Into Strength . . .

Weakness Into Strength . . .
StrengthBy recognizing and admitting your own weaknesses, you begin to move beyond them. When you’re clear and honest about what you need to work on, you can make real progress.

When you identify a weakness, you’ve found an opportunity. By exploring what’s holding you back, you can create a realistic and workable path to success.

Weakness is nothing to hide from or to be ashamed of. For in each weakness is the promise of real strength.

From each weakness there is much that you can learn. By understanding your limitations, you can find a way around them.

Instead of constantly fighting against your weaknesses, work on getting rid of them completely. Then all your time and energy can be put into moving quickly ahead.

Have the courage to look clearly at your weaknesses. What you’ll see in each one is the potential to create powerful, effective new strength.


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