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I Knew There Was A Reason I Never Liked Tyga

I Knew There Was A Reason I Never Liked Tyga

I knew there was a reason I never liked Tyga. As catchy as it is, I didn’t even begin liking “Rack City” until I saw this video of a suburban white kid (much like Tyga himself) rapping the with his grandmom as she twerks…or whatever. Recently TMZ, as they so often do, exposed Tyga with footage of what I can only imagine was the taping of the show Cash Money discovered him on. (Un)Fortunately, the show never aired due to the racist content of the gaming activities… I’ll let TMZ tell it..

 “Rapper Tyga enjoyed a cushy upbringing in the Valley — NOT Compton — at least that’s what the rapper said on a game show back in 2008 … and TMZ has obtained the unaired footage. The show was called “Bustas” — where wannabe-rappers compete against each other to see who can embody ugly rap stereotypes the best … playing borderline-offensive games like “Guess the Rapper By His Grill” and “Is This a Real Rolex?”


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