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1st Ever Freshman Heisman Trophy Awarded to Freshman QB Johnny Manziel (By: @BWMahoney213)

1st Ever Freshman Heisman Trophy Awarded to Freshman QB Johnny Manziel (By: @BWMahoney213)
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Johnny Manziel

Hey Freshman!

Nothing beats the first time at college. The first 15 pounds you gain, the first girl you kiss at a campus party, or the first Heisman Trophy award given to you.

That’s what Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel can now talk about after he attended school but left the football team as a redshirt. This past season, his ‘freshman’ year turned out to be a stellar one, leading to Saturday night’s ceremony at Best Buy Theater in New York City.

Ingrained in the culture of legendary quarterbacks, Johnny Manziel can now can stand alongside collegiate names such as Montana, Flutie, Newton, and Tebow.  And he has two more seasons to grow.

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Manziel won over 474 first-place votes and 2,029 points from the panel of media members and former winners in attendance. He faced off against Notre Dame stud linebacker Manti T’eo and Kansas State quarterback Collin Klein—both of whom lead their schools to BCS Bowl-worthy seasons.

Manziel is just a shade over 20-years-old and his hype is for real, so far. His unpredictable mobile ability matched with strong poise in (and out) of the pocket make him the complete package. The launchpad to his exposure came on November 15, when Texas A&M upset the #1 team in the nation—the feared Alabama Crimson Tide. The Aggies won, 29-24, while Manziel went 24/31 for 253 yards and threw 2 TD passes.

Manziel has dashed into the record books with unprecedented skill based on little or no preseason hype.  He’s also just the second Texas A&M Aggie to earn the Heisman Trophy. He may easily win another as he’s winning the hearts of millions.

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