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Our Culture Connected by Madden’s Evolution (By: @BWMahoney213)

Our Culture Connected by Madden’s Evolution (By: @BWMahoney213)
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 NFL Madden 25

Literature professors ramble on about how George Orwell’s classic dystopian novel 1984 shadowed the global culture of technology and human capability (or enslaved inability).

Joe Six-Pack from any street, USA will give you a detailed rundown of the NFL on Sundays like he’s a professor of Football 101 from noon to the final whistle on Sunday night.

The ‘Dean’ of the NFL for everyman?

Believe it or not—it’s John Madden.


Twenty-five years ago, this would be a laughable statement, when JOHN MADDEN FOOTBALL (1989-1990) first emerged as a video game. Yet, in 2013, America has seen the grandiose level the NFL has reached in its peak condition of marketability, general public interest, and wall to wall excitement.

Julio Jones

Some may stop and think from the passing times of how the NFL became America’s ‘new past-time’? Major League Baseball may share a claim to that, but clearly in today’s culture, football’s passion is ingrained into our culture as second to none.

BOOM! As Madden would say, it starts all with the video game’s evolution alongside technology.

Fox, CBS, NBC, ESPN, and NFL Network all showcase pre-game and post-game segments that are orchestrated like an opinionated and masculinized Broadway show in professional suits and ties.


Madden 2004 gave way to the ultimate video game-esque player to date: QB Michael Vick. His natural ability coming out as a rookie (to his cover year of 2004) featured insane running plays nobody had seen a quarterback ever accomplish. Vick garnered national attention and recognition of being a hybrid player that showed no limits. This naturally would enthrall every man (or woman) to simulate jaw-dropping moves and stay attached to a video game persona.

Mike Vick Madden

By Madden 2005, gamers were wowed by the Hit Stick, which would jolt a thunderous vibration if you got the right angle on a helpless offensive player. Fortunately for video games, there are no concussions or lawsuits. So the hits kept on coming. The game also featured future Hall of Fame LB Ray Lewis. Gamers knew this was a turning point in Madden’s history.

Hit Stick

With the emergence of online gameplay by the late 2000’s, everyone you know would be connected. It became a new sense of losing touch with reality, but passionately entering a new realm. The Madden realm.

The franchise has garnered approximately over 3 billion dollars since its inception. The pulse of the modern world and the quick-fix of lively entertainment definitely has to give EA Sports credit. When you work in the NFL matching with a popular figurehead, add new features, show-stopper grit and music to model the game experience, the life of a football fan doesn’t just last in the cold months. It lasts all year long.



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