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Cam & Jim Jones Diss Kanye?? Uh…Ok (Updated)

Jimmy posted these two videos of him and Cam’ron in the studio on Twitter last night. He was previewing a song they had just cut over Kanye and Pusha T’s “Runaway” beat with Jim on the chorus, and Cam is talking over the music in the first video (after the jump.) The second video (above) is a snippet of the Cam’ron verse, and although the “Jigga” part is inaudible, it’s pretty clear how he feels about Kanye:

And Kanye, you a sucka n*gga
Dissed Dame, so my attitude is f*ck the n*gga
Stuck to Jigga, how you gon’ live with that?
Took the beat, now come get it back…

My question is,

in that case, why were they shouting out Kanye in the U.N.Stream a few months ago, telling people to leave him alone and that they love him despite the shit that he was going through at the time. Cam’s manager Big Joe even told Kanye to call him, probably to get Cam some beats or even get him on Ye’s new project. Now, was it the fact that he didn’t respond what compelled them to record this? Or is it the fact that they have an album coming out now? Is reigniting old Roc-A-Fella beef the only way to make a “Dipset Reunion” relevant these days? Or maybe Kanye did answer? Maybe they were just really high?

Spotted: RapRadar


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    September 16th, 2010 11:59

    Or maybe…. Jim Jones suddenly dissin’ Kanye West because is still cool with the Jay-Z (the person Jim Jones is still has Beefin’ with) – And Jay-z broughts out Kanye West & Nicki Minaj to perform the “Power” Remix & “Monster” the other night (Sept. 12th, 2010), Jay-Z held his first histroic concert at Yankee Stadium that night… and made sure it was a night to remember, lmao!!

    Or maybe… Cam’Ron is dissin’ Kanye ’cause 50 Cent (the person Cam’Ron is still beefin’ with) recently spoke of that he may work with Kanye West on his upcoming New Album – and, I quote… “A lot of producers send stuff that’s interesting,” he said. “To me, it inspires me to write with different cadences, see a different style. I don’t want the record to sound like old material. I want it to sound like something new.
    “I sat with Swizz [Beatz]; I’mma try to get in with him…” -50 Cent

    Not only that, even Lloyd Banks reacted to Kanye’s recent twitter comment about him (Yo man Loyd Banks prolly the most underrated MC in the game… Man he deserve to be top 5 at least! -Kanye West) and hopes to work with him for his new album.

    In other words, it seems that Kanye West will now be best friends with 50 Cent & G-Unit, and also remains great friends with Jay-z, as well, LOL!!

    Or maybe… they (Killa Cam’ & Jimmy) were just really high though. LMAO!!



    • September 16th, 2010 12:11

      ctfu! Agreed


    • daranjnut of the ELMOB
      September 23rd, 2010 12:28

      Good stradegy move Cam and Jimmy, but be ready for some of that Kanye flow!!! I think this is gonna bring Killa Cam back off that tooty frooty flow bullshyt Keep it Popeyes Cam punchlines baby that is you Jimmy I dont know if you can fuck wit Kanye yet man Jus keep tellin them good stories and stay fly like you do….no disrespect Im sayin…..


      • September 23rd, 2010 14:11

        I feel you, I just think it was a real sucker move to diss Kanye when you just were bigging him up a few weeks beforehand with Vado and you just were asking him for beats a few days before
        Maybe him not getting those beats is what triggered this…or whatever
        Kanye sticking with Jay also might seem like a sucker move since Jay wouldnt even listen to him rap when Dame would & Dame signed him
        Point is, 2 sucker moves dont turn you into a “real n*gga”. lol



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