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IAmNotARapper x @DJQlassick x @ClintColey #ClassicFriday Vol22 RuffRydersVsCashMoneyVsRocafella

SO every month, Clint Coley and myself do the official "Chill, Its Just Jokes" mixtapes. Clint usually schemes an idea and I run w/ it...but this one right here? #EPIC arguably the 3 GREATEST crews or Dynasties of their era. Cash Money Records...Juve, BG, Lil Wayne, Turk, Mannie Fresh, Birdman..... Read more...

Che Guevara With Bling On: How A Music Journalist Helped Write Jay-Z’s “P.S.A.”

Anyone who’s ever been lucky enough to see Jay-Z give a stunning rendition of “P.S.A.” in a live setting will tell you that it’s a powerful song. It’s the type of arena-rock anthem that shakes a building to its foundation. Excerpts from Jay’s memoir, Decoded , reveal that the second ve... Read more...