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The Mysteries Of Tehuti “Thoth” in Egipt (Parts 1 -3)

The Mysteries Of Tehuti “Thoth” in Egipt (Parts 1 -3)

Tehuti is better known as the god of wisdom. He was often depicted with the head of an ibis, but can also be depicted as His other symbol, a baboon. Tehuti was considered to be the “vizier” of Re giving counsel and offering solutions to Re. Tehuti was charged with writing down the words of Re and declaring those words to the rest of the Netjer and humans.

As such, he is often seen as the intermediary and messenger of the Netjer (leading His later association with Hermes). For this, Re declared Him as the light of the sky when Re was in darkness, i.e. the moon (DL). He is credited for the invention of writing (hieroglyphs, also known as the “divine word”) and the authorship of the Book of the Dead. He is also associated with mathematics, astronomy, and medicine. These sciences were often associated with magic, leading Tehuti’s association with magic as well.

Tehuti is also considered the Master of Time. It was he who first divided the year into months of equal length consisting of 30 days each. And to help Nut give birth to Her children, He managed to trick Re and the other Netjer (in one version, the Moon) into adding a further five intercalary days to make it 365 days.

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In one myth, Re forbids any of the other Netjer to have children during any day of the year. However, Nut is pregnant with Her children, and She appeals to Tehuti to help Her. He manages to fenangle five days worth of time from the Moon Nut can give birth to the gods Asar, Aset, Set, NebetHet, and Heru the Elder.

Tehuti is also known for convincing the Eye of Re, in the form of Sekhmet, to return the regions of Nubia, after She fled Egypt in the legend of the Distant Goddess.

One of His most famous interventions came between Heru and Set. Tehuti helped Aset during Her pregnancy with Heru and helped Heru when still a child, and intervened on Aset’s behalf during the 80 year struggle between Heru and Set. of the balancing of a person’s heart against Ma’at feather.

Tehuti also stands at the Hall of Two Truths recording the outcome.   Places of Worship

One of the cult centers of Tehuti was at the city of Khemen/Khmunu (greek: Hermopolis). He became associated with the Ogdoad (meaning “group of eight”) that was also worshipped there.
The OgdoadTehuti is said to “oversee” the four pairs of elements:

Male Female Element
Nun Naunet Primordial Waters
He Hehet Space/Wind
Kek Keket Darkness
Amun Amunet Hidden/Invisibility

 ConsortsTehuti is said to have one or two consorts, Seshat and Ma’at. Tehuti and Ma’at are said to have been created close to the same time. And often, Ma’at stands in Tehuti’s position when He is unable to act in His role as arbitrator in a given situation.

Other Names

Djehuti, Tehuti, Zehuti, Djhowtey (and variations of His name).
Lord of the Holy Words Greek names: Thoth, Toth, Thot, Thout, Hermes Trismegistus


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