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The Mysteries Of Tehuti “Thoth” in Egipt (Parts 1 -3)

Tehuti is better known as the god of wisdom. He was often depicted with the head of an ibis, but can also be depicted as His other symbol, a baboon. Tehuti was considered to be the "vizier" of Re giving counsel and offering solutions to Re. Tehuti was charged with writing down the words of Re and ... Read more...

From Kushite To Kemetan: Melanin Trails + Religion vs. Spirituality

Excerpt from FROM KUSITE TO KEMETIC MELANIN TRAILS, RELIGION vs SPIRITUALITY Metaphysics and Inner Ventures of AMEN RASTAFARI From Kushite to Kemetan Melanin Trails, Religion vs. Spirituality ... - Sep 2File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML This can only be innerstood through a cle... Read more...