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From Kushite To Kemetan: Melanin Trails + Religion vs. Spirituality

From Kushite To Kemetan: Melanin Trails + Religion vs. Spirituality

Metaphysics and Inner Ventures of

From Kushite to Kemetan Melanin Trails, Religion vs. Spirituality

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This can only be innerstood through a clear overstanding of Deity in its triple aspect of Creator-Preserver-Destroyer, or Spirit-Matter with the connecting link or centre of the Star called Fohat. Fohat is a Tibetan term for the energy or motion aspect of the Supreme Spirit. Every form of life is made up of a certain grade of matter expressing a certain degree of intelligence or consciousness, and the connecting link between the two is the vital force of Fohat. It links spirit and matter, subject to object.

As stated Earlier, Amon or Amen was the Kemetic and Kushite name for God. When we decipher Emperor Selassie‘s name we see that he has God in his name. In one instance it is the “EL”in his name, the Hebrew name for God, but, if that isn’t enough, Sela in (Sela)ssie is in actuality Selah, and Selah means Amen, which is Amen Ra.

Emperor Haile Selassie 1st is the 225th king in the line of Solomon and ..:namespace prefix = st1 ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags” />Sheba. It is not a coincidence that 2+2+5= 9. With 9 being the number of completion this tells us that H.I.M and H.I.M was the end of the cycle but also the beginning of a new one since we are taught that 9 is the # meaning born in our Supreme Mathematics of the Gods and Earths, which is an extension of I Self Law Am Master or Moorish studies.

H.I.M and H.I.M are the 323rd Emperor and Empress 3+2+3=8. 8 is the number for infinity and in our Supreme Alphabet of the Gods and Earths 8 = He or Her who build the knowledge of self and together destroy the devil civilization, which makes themsymbolized as 8 also in our Daily Mathematics of the Gods and Earth meaning to Build and Destroy. The figure 8 is also the # and sign for infinity, or never ending cycle.



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