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[Event] #JollyHappySoul :: A Bash In 3 Acts
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#JollyHappySoul :: A Bash In 3 Acts Live Body Art -> Live Music -> DJ Exhibition Set -> Dance Party Ladies In Free 'Til 11PM // Happy Women's History Month!! Hosted by #PodcastWednesdays Presented by SFX (S.Frosty Networx) ----------------------------------------- ACT I: 9PM -... Read more...

The Mysteries Of Tehuti “Thoth” in Egipt (Parts 1 -3)

Tehuti is better known as the god of wisdom. He was often depicted with the head of an ibis, but can also be depicted as His other symbol, a baboon. Tehuti was considered to be the "vizier" of Re giving counsel and offering solutions to Re. Tehuti was charged with writing down the words of Re and ... Read more...