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Students Set Speed Record For Vegetable-Oil Vehicles (Video)

Students Set Speed Record For Vegetable-Oil Vehicles (Video)

Greenspeed from Greenspeed on Vimeo.

A student club at Boise State University has set a speed record for a vegetable-oil powered vehicle, using a mixture of cottonseed and sunflower oil for fuel. In a 1998 S-10 pickup, the team of students bested the former record standard of 109 mph two consecutive days in a row

The club, Greenspeed, first broke the record on November 12, topping out at 139 mph. The next day they shattered their personal record, reaching a speed of 155 mph. Club leader and founder Dave Schenker drove the car both times. “The hard part was getting a vehicle running,” he said. “Now it’s all about refinement.” By next summer, the students hope to break the petroleum-fueled truck record, which is currently 215 mph. Such an accomplishment would have significant implications for the future of alternative fuel.


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