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Twitter Beef: Amalgam Digital vs. Joe Budden (Full Post)

Twitter Beef: Amalgam Digital vs. Joe Budden (Full Post)

How’s this for role reversal. A rep from Amalgam Digital turned to Twitter today and called out Joe Budden for the delay of Great Escape.

Just look at how technology has revolutionized label relations…

Joey recently responded to the claims about the contract and why he won’t turn in Great Escape.

i’m wide awake so i’ll try my best 2 help some of u guys out while i’m bored….

first of all, 2 fully understand the dude, you’d have 2 know him, he’s a little off in the way he thinks, which i am also, but just 2 try & hint at what i’m talking about..

he believes he’s part of some illuminati s**t & can control the president’s moves w/ 1 phone call (sounds wild, right ??)

cliff note version – dude wanted 2 sign SH, didn’t happen…

i signed a 2 album deal after PR, 1 digital, 1 physical w/ a 140k advance all in… 80 2 be paid up front, 60 4 them to hold 2 pay producers, mixing, etc..

said contract was 2 pages… 1 being the actual contract, 1 being the sheet 2 sign….

SH signs 2 E1..

dude then calls E1 & my lawyer saying that i’m not legally allowed 2 do that album becuz i’m signed 2 him in an exclusive capacity & sends over a contract the size of a book with my signature, stating all types of crazy ass s**t… they’re in charge of my merchandise, publishing, etc, & its a 3 album deal…

i claim i didn’t sign that bulls**t & there will be no ER until this matter is cleared up…

he calls 2 beg 4 ER & in exchange will clear me 2 record the SH album while we clear everything up (only way this could be done considering bith ER & the SH album were way behind schedule becuz of all this)

he puts out ER on the same date as SH (seems small, but dude had already been threatening Royce & Joell’s managers w/ dropping a Budden project in close proximity 2 anything they do, which no1 wanted naturally)

E1 wants 2 re sign SH, but here comes Shady (E1 signed us 2 a 1 album deal which every1 in the industry called them fools 4 doing)

Next then goes & cuts some deal w/ Alan (E1), what that deal included no1 really knows 4 sure, but they got a s**tload of $ under the promise they’d be able 2 deliver Budden product,( remember, E1 wants Budden desperately)..

so now a hard copy of ER comes out 2 every1’s surprise & is doing great generating A LOT of $ that i haven’t seen a dime of, along with PR HH & MM royalties…

i decide i’m not handing in GE (2 E1 who’s expecting it becuz thats what they paid Amalgam 4 basically) until Amalgam has absolutely nothing 2 do w/ Budden…

keep in mind, when i did try 2 hand GE 2 amalgam, i told them they needed 2 start paying these producers w/ that other 60 b4 we start losing records (this is back when we were trying to “clear” everything up).. they said hell no, i better pay them from the 80k i got, the 60 aint movin til the albums out….

i also offered 2 pay them, in full, 140k 2 remove themselves from any situation of mine, didn’t happen… E1 offered them 200k 2 do the same, i was told “dude is crazy, he’s coming back w/ astronomical #’s, he desperately wants 2 be a part of)….

so now E1 is supposedly trying to buy that contract from them, but E1 also wants to keep that exclusivity part in there 2 have some control over the SH/Shady deal…. Shady offered a buy out, they didn’t take it, Shady offered an over ride (which they’re negotiating now 2 my knowledge)….

bottomline… Amalgam forged a contract, probably cuz they knew their piece of s**t company would fall immediately once i left, but thats me guessing, who really knows why… so that, along w/ E1 trying their best 2 keep SH, is holding things up a tad bit….

take what u will outta that, i tried my best 2 help clarify without disclosing everything….

& PS… if any of u have ever bought a car… Tahiry is leasing hers 4 $500 a month, which i put the down payment on (4K)… since when did u ever need 80k 2 even buy a car ?? *jordanshrug*

A few hours ago Anyextee briefly responded to some of Joey’s above tweets.

“The part where he claims he would pay $140K has to be the most comical…” He continues. “Not that I beleive he even has that kind of money but who in their right mind wouldnt take that amount? ..and the 200K? that’s news to me. hey..done deal! ;)”


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  1. AJS
    August 15th, 2010 1:18

    folks were fighting over this over at the puntz site. it was in the first stages to develop into a heated discussion.


  2. deck
    March 24th, 2010 16:16

    The only time I want to see Joe Budden on a computer on twitter when he is getting snuffed in the face. Get off your computer and make a hit soft. you cry. you got bi-polar. you cry. snuffed in the eye.



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