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Facebook Prepares Developers For Notifications D-Day

Facebook Prepares Developers For Notifications D-Day

Monday is the day that application notifications will finally be removed from the Facebook platform. While some developers are on edge, as they are concerned about the negative impact that the loss of notifications will have, Facebook is providing developers with advice on how to adjust. The primary piece of advice is to use the homepage counters, dashboard news stories, and request access to users’ email addresses.

In order to help developers, Facebook has released the following set of communications channels best practices. The company has ranked the communications channels based on their ability to do the following:

  • Growing your user base.
  • Retaining and reactivating your users.
  • Enabling your users to share content with each other.
  • Informing your users of changes within your application or integration.

In addition to killing off notifications, Facebook is moving application requests to the inbox. While the impact of these changes is unknown, many application developers have been increasing the emphasis on bookmarking applications over the past few months prior to the new homepage being rolled out. For now, application developers will simply have to shift to new communication channels.

We’ll have to wait and see how application growth is impacted. Are you concerned about the new shift? Do you think applications will be dramatically affected?




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