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Omarion-I get it in

Omarion-I get it in
0 comments, 04/12/2009, by , in Music, Video

Omarion, It’s 7:05 et.  Do you know where your dance moves are? Because based on this video you are easily being  upstaged  by the dancing chinamen on America’s Best Dance Crew.  Can this be the same Omarion?? Apparenlty Mr Grandberry did not survey the competition before releasing this video.  And what’s worse is that he’s is in this video performing these yawn worthy stunts with the “this ish is hot” face! I can’t!

I think his failure lies his possible thinking that he had nothing to overcome.  Chris Brown knew he had to come correct because he was previously on trail for thrashing someone.  I think Omarion figured that because he didnt let some chic’s face beat up his hands he would be able to serve this shit sandwich of a video to the public.  Wrong! Doing a double album with Lil’ Bow Wow is an indeed a bounce-back worthy offense!  I bet his dancing shoes are looking at him right now like “keel yoself!”

Right now i’m with Toure…”do you take your dance moves from Chris Brown?” How Dreadful.

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