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Gibbs VS Ryan

Gibbs VS Ryan
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So I went to log in to my YAHOO! account to check some emails and the head line for this video caught my eye.  Apparently on Wednesday the White house was the scene of a minor showdown between White House press secretary Robert Gibbs and American Urban Radio correspondent April Ryan. During the dispute Gibbs dismissed the “seriousness” of Ryan’s questions, the focus of which being White House social secretary Desiree Rogers’ role at the presidential state dinner.

Here’s my two cents.  Yes. She was asking him some bullshit. Ryan, just a tip: a serious intonation does not a serious question make.  But No, he did not have to dismiss and belittle her like that either.  Funny?  Absolutely! Necessary? No.

But the real question is when did these type of meetings become akin to school yard battles complete with a signifying croud “OOOOOOOOOO-ING” and laughing in the background??  Contain yourselves and get it togetherIt’s like both parties were representing their respective stereotypes.  In one corner we have the white man known for not giving a damn about you or your mama’ feelings.  Don’t take my word for it…ask the Native Americans, Blacks, Latinos/Hispanics (whichever one of those is PC), Japanese, and any other non-WASP immigrant group. It’s no secret that  Deebo the white man has been abully for years, living off of our stolen lunch money (say cheese Bernie Madoff!). So Gibbs was just being true to his roots when he gave Ryan the flag and compared her to his son.

And in the other corner we have the Black woman known for being angry…period.  We go from zero to sixty in under five seconds flat.  But Gibbs is lucky.  He got a warning.  You all heard it…”don’t play with me” has been a mad black woman’s go-to phraseand has preceded the smack, the shattered window, and the flaming pile of male belongings for years. Unlike the white man, the black woman cannot effectlively show her whole ass in public consequence free so she decided to throw him a warning (DONT PLAY WITH ME) and leave it at that.

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