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Elin Nordegren Gets Paid!

Elin Nordegren Gets Paid!
2 comments, 04/12/2009, by , in Miscellaneous

The numbers are in and Dayuuummmm did Crouching Tiger get hit in the face and the pockets! Mrs. Woods will now be entitled to 5 million up front just for being cute and 55 million to stay for two years and 80 million to stay for seven more years which will include public appearances and a gag order. BOOM! Im sure somewhere Kelis and Elin are fist bumping, dutty wining, moon walking–you name it and I would be too because silly Tiger…tricks are for kids. I personally question the taste of a woman who married a man who resembles Confusious’ ballsack but I digress. Poor Tiger is learning the hard way that isn’t always cheaper to keep her . Either way I’m sending him (and I hope it finds him well) a resounding AAAAAAA-HAAAAAAAAA 🙂

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