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Tiger, Tiger, Tiger Woods Yall: Tiger Woods Will Return To Golf At Masters in April

Tiger Woods announced he will make his much-anticipated return to golf at the Masters in April. "The Masters is where I won my first major and I view this tournament with great respect," Woods said in a statement. "After a long and necessary time away from the game, I feel like I’m ready to s... Read more...

Another RobinGivens-ism: Elin Nordegren "I want a divorce and full custody of the kids"

Her fury at Tiger's refusal to see sex addiction doctors, as she prepares to fight for half his 340m fortune...Half? Can this b*tch even play golf?? smh.. Elin Nordegren is preparing for a bitter custody battle with her cheating husband Tiger over the couple’s two young children. The ex-mod... Read more...

Elin Nordegren Gets Paid!
2 comments, 04/12/2009, by in Miscellaneous

The numbers are in and Dayuuummmm did Crouching Tiger get hit in the face and the pockets! Mrs. Woods will now be entitled to 5 million up front just for being cute and 55 million to stay for two years and 80 million to stay for seven more years which will include public appearances and a gag orde... Read more...