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Tag Heuer now says it stands by Tiger Woods

Tag Heuer now says it stands by Tiger Woods

Even though Woods is still being hammered by new allegations of affairs, Swiss watchmaker Tag Heuer is standing by its man.

In a massive display of online solidarity with the scandal- plagued billionaire athlete, Tag Heuer has a huge photo of Woods on its main splash page.

The message?

“Tag Heuer stands with Tiger Woods.”

A link to a news release from last week says that the watchmaker’s pull-back of advertisements featuring Woods was a supportive move, since he has announced an indefinite hiatus from golf to work on his personal issues.

The move mirrors one made earlier by razor manufacturer Gillette, but falls short of the full sponsorship cut made by consulting giant Accenture.

Previously, it looked like the watchmaking company was dropping Woods completely.

“We recognise Tiger Woods as a great sportsman, but we have to take account of the sensitivity of some consumers in relation to recent events,” the chief executive of the company said last week.

Now, it seems that somebody had a change of heart.


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