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The Real Top 50 Rap Blogs

The Real Top 50 Rap Blogs

First off, no shots. A few of my peoples work at Vibe Magazine, so it’s all love.

That being said, I had a convo with one particular editor and he knows I’m in disagreement with a large portion of the Top 50 Hottest Rap Blogs List, me and pretty much everybody on the internets. In fact, the only people who seem to be cool with the list are A) Bloggers who were ranked fairly and don’t care about anybody else’s seeding B) Bloggers who had no business being ranked so high (close to no.1) C) Bloggers whose unrecognizable URLs may just get a boost from making the list.

Secondly, there’s no such thing as 50 hot rap blogs. That’s why most of us never heard of over half of the sites listed. In Vibe’s defense, it’s pretty much impossible to produce a list without backlash. This one will most definitely have people outraged. What’s a rap blog anyway? Eskay aggregates while Bol provides commentary. They’re both rap blogs nonetheless, but drive in totally separate lanes. Web heads cried foul at obvious snubs when the list first surfaced. IllRoots, ItsTheReal and RealTalkNY come to mind. Meanwhile, Vlad TV is red-hot, but it’s not a rap blog. WorldStarHipHop, as trashy as it is, is buzzing heavy, but it’s not a rap blog. My boys at MTV know I love Mixtape Monday (now Mixtape Daily), but it’s not a blog. Meanwhile, Kanye’s blog, while one of my personal favorites, has one too many interior design posts to be considered rap. As for RapRadar, arguably the most criticized site on the list, there’s no denying that it’s already one of the best out. They’re clearly separating themselves from the pack by adding original content to their repertoire. The thing is, web heads know magazines plan packages ahead, so RR most likely wasn’t up when the list was made. That’s been the complaint for the most part. For argument’s sake, if timing shouldn’t be a factor, then RR got robbed, cause they’re definitely hotter than most of the Top 10.

I initially wasn’t going to do anything, but a good number of folks reached out and demanded that I do my own list. As previously mentioned, there aren’t 50 rap blogs worthy of being called hot, good maybe, but “hot” as in buzzing and got people talking? No! So without further ado, here’s the list. Let the Bloog Bath begin. -Jackpot Rumors
14.Negro Please By Ron Mexico
12.The Rap Up
10.Complex Blogs
5. Bol’s Saturday Night Workout

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