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Curtis: “I Actually Flopped”

Curtis: “I Actually Flopped”


I honestly wasn’t even gonna say anything about these horrible numbers that BISD is expected to put up, and I know he spoke on it in that Flex interview, but this quote he gave Meka for BET is hilarity:

“Well, the reports from Hits Daily Double,  I don’t actually know what to anticipate from the actual sales of this project,” 50 told BET. “It’s obvious, the project just came out a month earlier than what was actually anticipated.”

“The actual project is arguably my best work, to have the general public respond the way they’ve responded to it,” 50 continued. “I haven’t heard anything negative about my choices artistically, so if I was in the space where I absolutely needed finances from the actual sales of the record, it might mean something, but if it offers the material that I can go out and perform and make everyone enjoy themselves as much as I enjoyed myself making it, Ill be happy with it.”

What the!? Is “actual” the new “aggressive content”? Ninja, you actually didn’t sell any records and I believe that is actually referred to as an actual flop.

Be clear: I don’t give a fuck what Curtis sold. Some of my favorite rappers dropped albums this year that didn’t crack 100K, and I honestly think BISD is pretty decent, all things considered. And what the fuck does Curtis care, like he said, he’s rich anyway. It’s just hilarious to me to see somebody who has put so much stock in album sales and commercial performance rather than quality for so long, go quadruple styrofoam.

I might actually go back to calling him 50 Cent now. lol

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