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Niiiiiiice – The Top 50 Music Video Girls

Niiiiiiice – The Top 50 Music Video Girls


In case you couldn’t tell, Complex loves music videos. Earlier this week, we dropped our comprehensive countdown of the 100 Best Music Videos of the 2000s (click here if you missed it), but something was still missing. What would music videos be without the so-called “video vixen,” the model/dancer/actresses who provide us with a little aspirational eye candy in our darkest hour?

The last decade has truly been the golden age for the music video model, from icons like Melyssa Ford to new favorites like Rosa Acosta. Even some of the world’s sexiest celebrities (ScarJo!) have made memorable video appearances, so we wanted to provide a comprehensive look back at all the ladies who have caught our eye on MTV, BET and YouTube over the last 10 years. Check out Complex’s 50 favorite music video models below…








To see the other 40 click here

Via: Complex Blog.


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