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I Am Not A Rapper Presents: ___ Podcast – Season 1,Episode 4 – #TOTWPodcast

Weeeeeeeeee're baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack. We would ask if you missed us... But we already know This week we Voltron'd it the gang was all here Kevin Golden aka "Sunkist" x Spit or Black Hitler x Mr. Blair or "The Rainbow Ranger" x Queen MKS aka "The Homework Snitch" x DJ Nastee Naj aka Black... Read more...

Iamnotadictionary Phrase Of The Day: Honeymoon (Its not what you think it is)

Honeymoon -The word honeymoon originates from ancient greece. In ancient greece where homosexuality was wide spread, sexual unions were judged by the  "age of consent". Age of consent, the age at which individuals could legally come together in a sexual union, was for much of history something ei... Read more...