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Iamnotadictionary Phrase Of The Day: Honeymoon (Its not what you think it is)

Iamnotadictionary Phrase Of The Day: Honeymoon (Its not what you think it is)

Honeymoon -The word honeymoon originates from ancient greece. In ancient greece where homosexuality was wide spread, sexual unions were judged by the  “age of consent”. Age of consent, the age at which individuals could legally come together in a sexual union, was for much of history something either for the family to decide or a matter of tribal custom. In Greece & Rome this coincided with the beginning of PUBERTY, which is marked by physical developments that are clearly visible.

For the boys, the first full moon after the anniversary of their birth sometime between their 10th – 12th birthday, (or later; whenever puberty began) the boys were paired off with adult males for sexual intercourse to break in their virginity. This would take place during the month following the birth day. For the girls, this same practice was excercised on the island of lesvos (lesbo). Sappho wrote letters to women outside of the island about such affairs. This led to the islands name and a term infamously derived from it, lesbian

Excerpt From Homosexuality & Sexual Orientation:

“In Western culture, much of what we know about youthful homosexuality comes from ancient Greece, where boys often entered into a relationship with an older man when they began to enter puberty. Studies suggest that this occurred earlier than was formerly believed, probably at an average age of about twelve. This early male initiation into sex was described in some detail by the classical writer Strabo in his account of the mock abduction and subsequent honeymoon of a youth coming of age. This consensual relationship between an adolescent and an adult male was institutionalized throughout Greek culture by the sixth century B.CE and survived well into the Roman period among some elements of society. Plutarch, in his On the Education of Children written in the first century of the common era, stated that though fathers might view the society of those who admired youth as an “intolerable outrage to their sons,” he himself felt inclined to emulate such past followers as Socrates, Plato, Xenophon, and others in the practice.”

…..PAUSE…But now you know.

Sidenote: So how many of you married people have been on honeymoons? lol


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