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Love Is Love (By: Mary Appleseed)

Love Is Love (By: Mary Appleseed)


Have you ever tried to hide the you that so desperately wanted to be seen?
Never wanting to be judged because of who you loved, liked or even cared about…
It’s like your every move was seen under a microscope analyzed and dissected every second…
Playing straight while your desires desired the opposite of that
Everyone dying to see the real you while really you knew they couldn’t handle it
Slightly bringing up the issue of lesbians and gays indirectly hoping focus wouldn’t be directed to you


Never understanding why they couldn’t understand that love is love and yours wasn’t for a man
Secretly having relationships with women in private, while in public she was a best friend or even a cousin
The fear of losing loved ones you held dear and friends you had for years compelled you to never let slip the words that would change things forever…
Constantly battling inside yourself whether they’d take you for who you truly are or the person you’re pretending to be.

I want, I desire, I crave everything that consists of a woman
I understand not many will comprehend why I am the way I am
I’ve realized I can’t please everyone and at the end of the day I come first
I accept me and you don’t have to…

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