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La. Police: Man Shot And Killed Himself While Handcuffed

La. Police: Man Shot And Killed Himself While Handcuffed
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Louisiana Police claim Victor White III shot himself while detained

Louisiana State Police are currently investigating another tragedy involving a young black male, in which 22 year old Victor White III was shot in the back and killed while in police custody on the night of March 2 in Iberia Parish.

Authorities are asserting that White shot himself at the Iberia County Sheriff’s Office, which would mean that the 22 year old New Iberia man was not searched thoroughly enough to find a handgun on his person, although he was arrested for drug possession after he was allegedly found with narcotics.

Is it likely to believe that when the police responded to a call for an altercation involving White, he was patted down and discovered with work, yet the cops couldn’t find the hammer?

Just two years ago, a 21 year old Mississippi man died in the back of a police patrol unit in Jonesboro, Arkansas and the police claimed it was by his own hands. Chavis Carter was handcuffed when the police in Jonesboro accused Chavis of shooting and killing himself with a gunshot to his righ temple.

Rev. Raymond Brown, President of the National Action Now of New Orleans says that the organization is looking into White’s death along with the La. state police investigation.

“Something is seriously wrong with this picture”, says Brown.


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