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Side Effects (Poem) – By: Mary Appleseed

Side Effects (Poem) – By: Mary Appleseed
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Mary Appleseed

I love when a woman’s words can caress my inner most secret thoughts
while soothing all of my worries.
I in return satisfy her curiosities with every woman not being the same.
I’m not on here claiming to be perfect, I’m just saying that I’m worth
it. Taking your mind to places you never seen before, I open doors to
your every fantasy…
Imagine me and you together forever…
Your heart is having dreams of me… Beats be beating quickly while
thinking of me…
Butterflies be fluttering, smiles happen suddenly…
Just a few side effects of loving me.
I’d have you writing notes to me beside of me silently…
Obviously your heart can’t get enough of me, violently beating while
our bodies are meeting with the lights low and sweat slowly creeping
Smiling when you don’t want to because I’m leaving, you fiending for more of me
These are just side effects of loving me.

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