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The Re-Formation of the 5th Element

The Re-Formation of the 5th Element

Some of us have become airheads with no earth below as intelligence with no practical application. Some of us are trapped in the earth and have no understanding of what causes the above. Some are so filled with so much fire to debate and attack any idea that seems foreign yet forget that all ideas have the same source and miss the hidden jewel (science).

Some of us are all water and allow others to shape the flow of our every decision for it is all right. Whatever your strength is bring it to the table but all come with our weaknesses that will be balanced by each others’ powers. Have we forgotten the body is in a solid form like the earth we stand on that changes shape as we grow. Have we forgotten the body is made of mostly water that allows for the flexibility, absorption and conductivity of the lightning transmitting electric thoughts throughout the body. Are we forgetting the air that is the breath of life or the fire of the spirit? This is living energy that you feel when you are in rage and passion. This motivates all of the elements. Yet at the center of it all is the mental will that determines your ability to balance all of these elements.

Your will power is your fifth element. This is how you chose to distribute your power as the central point of your elemental square. You are the body of light individually and collectively that make the five points of the star. The center being the head as the fire and air are the arms that pull us up and the wingspan of our flight to mentally ascend. The earth and water are the legs keeping us grounded and rooted yet flexible as the vessel of our physical travel. The glyph of the percent is the scale of balance that is build or destroy and the yin and yang or rise and set. The line dividing what is hidden from what is revealed in the seen and unseen world. This is also our relativity to the whole that we are a part of as well as th sum of all the parts that make us. The 5% is to control the balance of power within and without. The master of the five elements. These elements are also the different families and nations that we come from. This is what attracts us to certain ideologies and the particular science(s) of life we are focused on. Yet we must never fall into delusion when we study all things without maintained our true center. This occurs when you become too attracted to the alluring magnetic of any elemental power while forgetting the power of the rest. This imbalance will cause weakness and death to all if it goes too long without repair (unity). Yet of course the supreme cannot cease to exist and thus heals itself always regenerating like a rising phoenix through the womb of reformation.

This is the time of reformation as the one who has become the many and forgot the one from whence they came reunites like the pieces of Ausar by his greatest Aset (asset). This is true economics from the shared energy of the family to the universe. The pieces will not be comfortable as they reconnect and learn how to work together again like the eternal child who is reborn and must learn its body each time as if it is the first. With the first breath it will cry out as it adapts to its new surroundings.Individually and collectively we are each a new planet made or grown through the connection of the forces of creation. Be not misguided by the pieces who are not ready to reconnect.

Everything forms in its own time as the brain and heart do not develop before the embryonic shape that will hold them. We are all living mathematics that takes steps for everything that has a natural process that adds up to a 1. A truly conscious community is a necessary future that is always developing behind the curtain of our disappointments, doubts, fear, as well as the illusion of our imbalance. Disorder is part of the reformation of a greater order as well as a mirage of limited mental perspective. You all have value beyond your awareness so learn each and earn each other for WE are the reward of the work we put into ourselves and those around us. We shall live as poor righteous teachers until we become the money again and exist in and as our own abundance.

– The Reformation of the 5th Element


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  1. Shyaine
    December 3rd, 2010 13:13

    Kudos Spit.


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