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Literati (@Literatimusic) – Parade [Music Video]

Literati (@Literatimusic) – Parade [Music Video]

Twin Cities bred rap-duo LITERATI combine disparate influences and a disdain for modern day culture to evoke one big middle finger to the world. While living in Sweden, Mercies May cut his teeth as a poet and musician collaborating on projects with Novelist Johannes Anyuru and the band that would later become indie darling LITTLE DRAGON.

After being deported back to the states in 2009, Mercies reconnected with long time friend and early mentor Caesar of Electronic/hip hop group OUT OF BOUNDS, a mainstay in the Minneapolis community for his percussive, rapid-fire delivery and progressive approach to production. Intent on crafting a style greater than the sum of its parts they began making beats in tandem, creating an exciting new sound and in 2011 released an EP “Real Pain For My Sham Friends” as a teaser of things to come.

2013’s Fait Accompli attempts to encapsulate the disenchantment of adulthood; the story of two men finding their way through an increasingly marginalized human experience. The first half of the album builds in intensity, culminating with a riotous mosh pit on “Tear Gas,” a turning point on the record symbolizing a generation fed up with being lied to. On “The Future” Caesar laments, “With pinned eyelids we sit silent/ We keep buying the speeches of tyrants/ Preachers teaching the sheep compliance/ And we the people can’t deny that…”

Fait Accompli shares a cab with hopelessness but ditches on the bill, instead rediscovering the tangibility in believing in something.

Directed, Shot, and edited by Mercies May
Produced by Jessica Bergren and Mercies May
for Strange and Distant Pictures
and on Facebook at Strange and Distant Pictures

Music and lyrics by LITERATI
from the album FAIT ACCOMPLI

Available on ITUNES or at

Associate Producer Brandon Engebretson
Stunt Coordinator Bryson Wright
Lighting by Dale Dimiassi and Jessica Studnick

Dance Choreography by Emma Geibler


Dale A. Jezwinski
Michaele Ockenfels- Martinezs
Karen Kruger
Emma Geibler

Make-up Team:

Kaci Wegleitner
Laryn Milne Rojek
Marriah Marsh
Sarah Waugh

Puppeteering by Dietrich Poppen

Craft Services by Shantal Clemens
Production Photography by Tom Corcoran


Alex Wright
Sidney Linton
Andy Coldwell

FX and Color Grading

Mercies May


Cameron MacKenzie
Robert Fuecker
Joseph- Charles Peeples Hampton
Vanessa Lara
Zach Dimond
Alison Anderson
Shannon Jones
Kenneth Bingsley
Maureen Kurtz
Ali A. Daniels
Harold Algyer
Lauren Algyer
William Bergren
Jillian Bohumil
Andy Coldwell
Alex Cotant
Montana Strait
Chad Erickson
John Healy
Demarcus Henderson
Dan Hill
Michael Howley
Lucas Janzen
Bailey Janzen
Asher Janzen
Deb Kline
Billie Jo Konze
Alexander Kouhi
Sydney A. Linton
Frank Marquez
Matt McNeil
Henry N. Ombui
Katie Palacio
Lois Piper
Preston Piper
Winfield Scott Long the 4th
Melissa Reuter
Melissa Slachetka
Jessica Studnick
Julia Super
Tiara Thirkield
Bernardo Vigil

Made with the support and sponsorship of:

Lights On Minneapolis

Peace Coffee
Lake Harriet Pizza
Southern Theater
Ceriious Design
Theatrical Costume Company


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