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The Vets (@VETGANG) – 253 Freestyle [Music Video]

The Vets (@VETGANG) – 253 Freestyle [Music Video]

The Vets (@VETGANG) – 253 Freestyle [Music Video]

Raised in the tough Olney neighborhood of northern Philadelphia, Kevin (Juice Boxx) Clark and younger brother Chris (Chris Bars) Clark began their journey to stardom during their teenage years. Their religious upbringing instilled strong morals into them. These same morals aided in deterring the brothers from slipping into the known illegal activity of the neighborhood. The duo also credit sports and music for helping them maintain their focus on education, sports, and music. Juice Boxx, now 23, had no desire to leave his hometown. He graduated from Northeast High School in 2006. He immediately began pursuing music full-time in 2006 while his brother finished high school.


Collectively known as The Vets, the trio cites various hip-hop influences from supergroups like Roc-A-Fella, Young Money, and the Ruff Ryders to solo artists such as Nas, Rick Ross, and TI. The Vets recently released the 3 Kings mixtape hosted by international DJ Don Cannon. Their music can be described as a hybrid sounds from Philadelphia, along with southern characteristics. As with any artist, The Vets add their own unique spin to their music. “We don’t have a format,” says Juice Boxx, “we just capture how we feel at the time.” The group acknowledges their environment as lyrical inspiration. Their art contains a legitimate message while remaining appropriate for the ears of club-goers. In addition to music, the group owns a popular clothing line in Philadelphia, aptly named, The Vets. The Vets are currently working on a yet-to-be titled mixtape. The big picture for these three include fashion, film, and music. The ultimate goal is to become not only successful moguls, but legendary.


Meanwhile, Juice Boxx teamed up with first cousin, Isaiah “Ike Ease” Quinn, to form hip-hop duo, the War Vets. The two came up with the name to symbolize their survival of their harsh neighborhood. War represents the poverty struggle and Vets stand for their survival of the streets, much like a soldier becomes a veteran after surviving warfare. Proud father of one, Ike lost his father to health complications in his early teens. With little time to grieve, reality quickly sat in when he found himself the man of the house while most are nervous about starting high school. Music gave Ike Ease an outlet to express the emotional trauma he experienced due to his father’s death. Paired with his hardships manifest through his music. In the meantime, Chris Bars, a popular basketball player, graduated from Northeast High in 2008. Bars laughed, “I wasn’t getting taller so the window of opportunity for the NBA was getting smaller so music was second nature.”




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