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Kevin Carr (@Kev_Carr) – #DateResponsibly 2: Choosing Better Men [eBook]

Kevin Carr (@Kev_Carr) – #DateResponsibly 2: Choosing Better Men [eBook]

Kevin Carr


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Bonus Excerpt:

Is He The Right Choice??

You should never rush commitment nor should you throw caution to the wind just because he seems like a nice guy. He may very well be. It isn’t my intent to encourage you to be suspicious of the men you meet. My only goal is to help you see the importance of being purposeful from the outset because the better your choices in the beginning, the better your results will be in the end. As you go through the process of determining whether or not he is the right choice, be careful not to give him all of your time without receiving anything in return. Too much time spent together in negligence can get you tangled up. Time leads to attachment which in turn fuels feelings which can convince you that commitment to him is what you want. It can be a challenge to make rational choices once your heart is involved. If you aren’t intentional your emotions, will have you throw logic out the window as you overlook his consistent habits, which are a clear picture of his true character.


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