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The Sophant (@TheSophant) – Vibrate Higher Feat @DonWill

The Sophant (@TheSophant) – Vibrate Higher Feat @DonWill

The Sophant Donwill

How do we promote peace? As people we set positive examples and as artists we collaborate. That is the idea behind this song and it is one of the beliefs that drive us here in the Sela Collective.


We would like to introduce the single, Vibrate Higher, a collaboration between Sela’s beat artist and singer, Margel theSophant, emcee of Tanya Morgan, Donwill and visual artist from Wisconsin, Jasmine Barmore. The instrumental is a slow, rhodes accented vibe influenced by a song made famous by Marvin Gaye, I Heard It Through The Grapevine. Donwill plays off of the beat masterfully. Using the words, “Think Positive” as a mantra he allows the beat to establish itself before beginning his verses tinged with stories of personal hardship and then encouragement.


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